Receiving Kybella begins with a consultation, where you'll be able to discuss your goals and decide with Practitioner Edwards on the best treatment plan that works for you. The practitioner will likely then cleanse the treatment area under the chin just before the treatment. The actual procedure is quite simple,  a small needle is inserted into the fat under the chin and the Kybella directly injected. Most patients describe feeling only a slight pinch, though a topical anesthetic can also be used to reduce discomfort. 

The procedure for Kybella is often very short, taking around 30 minutes, though it can take longer if there are multiple vials. Due to the nature of the enzymes utilized by Kybella, swelling in the area under the neck should be anticipated lasting for a week to ten days after injections. Patients often choose to have this treatment in cooler months as turtlenecks and scarves are great during this 7-10 day period. We also offer complimentary Arnica and reusable icepacks to take home as aids in the healing process. ​​

Kybella is used to remove fullness or roundness under the chin caused by unwanted fat, and is composed of an engineered, synthetic enzyme that naturally occurs in the body and aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. The Kybella uses this enzyme to destroy the cell walls of the fat where injected. Once dissolved, your body naturally processes the fat, removing it from your chin and out of your body. The process is irreversible, the fat cells can never return to the treatment area once destroyed by Kybella.  

Kybella is particularly powerful excellent for patients who are prone to fullness or roundness under the chin which is not resolved with dieting and exercise. Often, full chins of this sort are caused by a hereditary trait and can only be removed by destroying the fat cells with a process like Kybella. The same enzymes which dissolve the fat cell walls also help the skin tighten afterward through an inflammatory response. Results of the Kybella treatment take approximately eight to twelve weeks to see full effect. 

Kybella destroys fat cells under the chin permanently, once you try Kybella your chin will never be the same.

 R Jessie Edwards, FNP

​​​​Having a full rounded area of fat beneath the chin used to be far more difficult to treat, usually involving surgical options of some kind. Until recently, an expensive, difficult procedure like liposuction was the only way to remove full areas under the chin. It's one of the most common problems men and women face with their appearance and often refuses to go away, even with diet and exercise, thankfully though, we now have Kybella.

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