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In a recent study, 80% of Sculptra patients were still satisfied with their treatment results after more than two years. 

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Thankfully though, we have Sculptra, the most dynamic collagen stimulator on the market. It's different then what you've seen before, it's not a dermal filler and it doesn't use hayulronic acid (HA). Instead of immediately adding volume while stimulating a small amount of collagen like HA dermal fillers, Sculptra adds volume over time by stimulating large amounts of your bodies own, natural collagen, providing transformative, natural-looking results. The new collagen is entirely your own, and it doesn't just provide volume. Having more collagen improves the skins, tone, texture and skin integrity, while also making it appear fuller, and more youthful. Sculptra minimizes volume loss, and improves your skin from the inside out.

Great for moderate to severe volume loss in the temples, mid-face, marionette lines and cheeks, Sculptra is similar to dermal fillers in that it does carry a risk of bruising and swelling, though it most often subsides within five days following your treatment. The effect of the Sculptra appears immediate after the appointment, however that effect will fade over the five days following the appointment as your body absorbs the product. Within ten to twelve weeks of the treatment, the collagen stimulation from the Sculptra will begin showing. 

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​​​​Most of us know at least a little about collagen, it's in the body and face, it helps with skin tone and texture, and the loss of it is somehow related to wrinkles. All totally correct, collagen is, as it turns out, a key structural component in skin. Unfortunately as you age, your body’s collagen production decreases. In fact, you annually lose almost 1% of collagen once you pass 18 years old. It's why we start to notice the beginnings of wrinkles soon after.

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Receiving Sculptra begins with a consultation, where you'll be able to discuss your goals and decide with Practitioner Edwards on the best treatment plan that works for you. The practitioner may begin by cleansing your face, and a private ice pack will be provided to cool the area before treatment. This helps numb the area while reducing the likelihood of swelling or bruising. Afterward, the practitioner will ask you to lie down and get comfortable before guiding you through the procedure, during which a small needle is inserted under the skin to inject the Sculptra. Most patients describe feeling only a slight pinch, though a topical anesthetic can also be used to minimize discomfort. 

The procedure for Sculptra takes between 60 and 90 minutes, though it can take longer if there are multiple syringes. Sculptra comes with a pain relieving additive, lidocaine, to help with any discomfort, however we also offer additional, stronger pain relieving methods such as dental blocks or topical numbing cream. Please make sure to mention any concerns about discomfort at your consultation. After your Sculptra appointment you'll need to massage the treatment area for a few minutes each day for the first week. This encourages absorption of the Sculptra, breaks up swelling, and reduces discomfort from the swelling. We also offer complimentary Arnica and reusable icepacks to aid in the healing process. ​​

 R Jessie Edwards, FNP