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If you’re ready to see how smooth your skin will feel after a waxing treatment, contact us at R J Edwards Aesthetic Clinic. You'll be working with one of the best Estheticians to receive some of the best results. 

Waxing makes skin feel it’s smoothest and makes shaving a non-issue for days or weeks. Having a professional wax, makes it as easy as possible to start seeing those benefits. It means having someone who makes the process as painless as possible, and who always has the right product. It means getting done fast, with the right result from every angle, no clean up, no waste and no wasted money.

​​There are two types of waxing, soft wax which uses strips and hard wax which is stripless. In hard wax, the melted wax cools on the treatment area by itself and is removed without a strip. Our Esthetician Leandra Munoz uses exclusively hard wax because it causes less discomfort and is softer on skin.  



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​​​​Even though waxing is one of the most common hair removal practices it still has some hidden, less often discussed benefits. Waxing not only removes hair, it also helps exfoliate skin by removing dead surface cells. Instead of breakouts and skin damage like from shaving, with waxing you can remove hair while helping your skin. Regular waxing can cause less and less hair to grow back. 


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Waxing treatments can vary from 5 minutes up to an hour or more, so be sure to ask our Esthetician or check our scheduling app for an estimate of how long your appointment will take. As stated earlier, hard wax is applied without the use of a strip. Instead, beads of hard wax are heated to a comfortable temperature before the wax is simply applied to the desired area. After a moment the hard wax cools enough to be removed either in the direction of the hair growth or against it. Hard wax pulls less of the skin and more of the hair and makes it much easier to remove stray hairs. Everyone’s threshold for discomfort is different, and while some patients experience almost no discomfort, others may find their waxing experience potentially uncomfortable. Levels of comfort vary depending on how often you’ve received waxing procedures in the past and the sensitivity of your skin. No one knows you better than you, so please if you’re concerned, consult with our Esthetician about ways to make your experience better. Though most patients love their results, we always ask to schedule a follow up appointment so that any potential concerns can be addressed. After waxing, please remember to refrain from shaving or scrubbing the area for at least two days.

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