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With tinted lashes and eyebrows all of that is taken care of for you and you go to bed and wake up with beautifully defined eyes. In the most basic sense, brow and lash tinting involves an Esthetician applying semi-permanent vegetable based dye that adds shape, color and density to eyebrows and lashes, bringing out their maximum potential. Having a professional tint by Leandra Munoz lets you see how your lashes and brows could look at their best. Many patients find it surprising how, without changing anything else, defined lashes and brows manage to improve their entire look.  

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If you’re ready to see how beautiful your eyes will look after a brow or lash tint, contact us at R J Edwards Aesthetic Clinic. You'll be working with one of the best Estheticians to receive some of the best results.  

​​​​Eyelash and brow tinting are quickly becoming two of the most popular aesthetic treatment options performed by estheticians. The process creates a consistent, bold, professional look to your eyes and eyebrows that is especially powerful for people with light or fine hair. For one treatment you get around-the-clock defined lashes and eyebrows. No need to apply mascara every morning, no need to worry about smudging or touch-ups or getting a natural feel. 

Before the tinting begins your esthetician applies a cream under your eyes to protect your sensitive skin from exposure to the dye. The esthetician then applies tint to your eyelashes using a fine brush, taking care to shape and lift your brows and lashes. The procedure is virtually painless and finished in minutes, though if you’re concerned, consult with your esthetician before the appointment about any concerns you may have. Though most patients love their results, we always ask to schedule a follow up appointment so that any potential concerns can be addressed.

Tinting adds shape, color and density to eyebrows and lashes.

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